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Shakespeare Country, located in the heart of England, welcomes each and every tourist who wishes to explore and experience the land of the greatest English poet and playwright. The picturesque Stratford-upon-Avon is where the legend was born, lived and lies buried. Stratford-upon-Avon is well connected by rail, road and air and it is just two hours from London. Stratford-upon-Avon boasts lovely historic buildings, beautiful scenery and the world renowned Royal Shakespeare Company. Visiting Shakespeare Country will give good insight into William Shakespeare and the place where he was born and brought up. Shakespeare Country is amidst the rolling green hills, crisscross River and canals, scattered with towns and villages.

The prime attraction for people visiting in Shakespeare Country is Shakespeare’s birthplace, just off of Henley Street; it is a great insight into Shakespeare’s early life including the first 5 years of marriage to his wife Anne Hathaway. Another place of interest is the romantic cottage where Shakespeare courted his future bride, Anne Hathaway cottage which was her family home. Other properties related to Shakespeare include Mary Arden's Farm where his mother grew up, Hall's Croft the home of Shakespeare’s daughter and New Place which Shakespeare used as his home away from London later in his life. They are all beautifully preserved for visitors to experience the age old history of both Shakespeare and English heritage. Visitors are assisted by the experienced and informative guides present in each of the houses so that they can find out as much as they can related to Stratford and England’s favorite son.  

Magical Experience
Shakespeare Country’s town and villages are renowned for deeply rooted traditions and culture and is considered ideal for both shorter and longer holiday break. Peaceful churches along with several historic attractions and different craft and antique centres are a sheer delight and pleasure for the visitors. Visitors will get to explore the countryside attractions as there are many walks, trails, towpaths along with network of country lanes that are ideal for exploring.

A Sneak Peak into Shakespeare Era
Shakespeare Country can be explored or discovered through different bus tours that ensures complete insight into the life of this legend. Right from the place where he was born to the place where he was baptized to where he lies buried in Holy Trinity Church located on the banks of the River Avon, visitors get to experience every significant thing and place related to this awesome playwright and poet. In order to accomplish the true objective of the tour to Shakespeare Country, visitors are recommended to watch a theatre performance at Royal Shakespeare Company. The engaging and enjoyable performance given by the actors of Royal Shakespeare Company will surely provide a glimpse of the great Shakespeare era.    

  • Interesting Facts about Shakespeare

  • It has been indicated through evidences that William Shakespeare was born on April 23 and died on April 23 1616. On his grave the words “Curst be he that moves my bones” were inscribed.

  • The name of William Shakespeare mother was Mary Arden and name of his father was John Shakespeare.

  • William Shakespeare married to Anne Hathaway, when he was 18 years old while Anne was 26 years old and his first child was born six months after the marriage.

  • Very few people know that apart from writing 37 plays and composing 154 sonnets, Shakespeare also performed in many of his own plays as well as in plays written by another playwright. Ben Jonson, Hamlet and As You Like it are some of the plays in which Shakespeare performed.

  • All of the Shakespeare plays comprises of prose but King John and Richard II were the only plays without any prose.  

  • Over 600 references of all kinds of birds are made in the Shakespeare work that contains birds name like turkey, swan, wren, starling, thrush, dove, robin etc.

  • Shakespeare plays were enacted by only boys or men as women were not allowed to take part in plays at that time.

  • The facts about Shakespeare suggested that he wrote quickly and with great ease, which has been supported by fellow playwright Ben Jonson who said about Shakespeare “Whatsoever he penned, he never blotted out a line.” 

  • Poet Laureate of England and godson of Shakespeare, Sir William Davanant, claimed to be illegitimate son of Shakespeare.

  • During the Shakespeare era, actors performing in the stage usually received copies of their parts instead of the entire plays.

  • Shakespeare’s stage ceiling was termed as “The Heavens.”

  • Due to the plague outbreak in Europe all playhouse in London were closed between 1592 and 1594 because it was thought that crowded places will spread the disease so during this period there was no demand for Shakespeare’s plays so he started to write poetry.  

  • Shakespeare became of the founder of Lord Chamberlain’s Men in 1954, which was an acting theatre group that went on to become leading player’s company in London.

  • Although printing press existed in the Shakespeare era and books were mass-produced but still Shakespeare was least interested in getting his plays printed. He believed that his plays are written to be performed on stage and not to read. Since his plays were hastily written for stage performance, none of original manuscripts of his plays exist.



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28 February 2012:

Easter is on the way!

Why not take a fantastic Easter break in Shakespeare country with all the family! With plenty to entertain and even inform the kids you can enjoy the luxury of spending your holiday at your own pace in a self-catering holiday cottage! And there is even plenty of room for a Easter egg hunt!


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